Our Target

Brain fatigue can be caused by being engaged for prolonged hours in an activity that requires mental exertion. Eventually, individuals will be unable to continue their performance at the same intensity. Our system is useful for any person who will likely experience brain fatigue.


People in the army have been among those who most suffer from brain fatigue due to the nature of their military operations that require high vigilance and physical exertion. A Fatigued personnel may experience poor decision making, low responsiveness, and drowsiness.


Students may also experience brain fatigue due to continues studying for extended hours. In fact, their test performance will likely decrease according to Sieverstsen et al. (2016).

Our system is beneficial in alerting individuals when their performance is being reduced. By detecting brain fatigue, individuals should consider taking a break for the purpose of being more productive throughout the rest of their day.


Sievertsen, H. H. et al. (2016). Cognitive fatigue influences students’ performance on standardized tests. PNAS. 113(10).