Project Design

Participant Preparation

  1. Wear the MUSE to collect EEG signal
  2. Connect the BioRadio to collect ECG signal

Vigilance Task

  1. A 13 minutes visual task showing a stressful pattern of letters ‘O’, ‘D’, and backward D. Provided by the Psychology Department at GMU, and was shown in a previous study that is can drain mental performance (Temple et al., 2000).
  2. Correct response is only recorded when the subject presses the spacebar button within 1 second every time an ‘O’ appears in the screen.
  3. Results are validated using the reaction time of how long it takes to respond, and “Hit” accuracy of how many times the answer was correct.

Time Span

  1. Starts with 5 minutes of relaxation
  2. Followed by 13 minutes of vigilance task
  3. Ending with 6 minutes for recovery





G. Temple et al., “The effects of signal salience and caffeine on performance, workload, and stress in an abbreviated vigilance task,” Hum Factors, vol. 42, no. 2, July 2000.